Workspaces are a discreet, fully featured and highly scalable data platform which can be created on the fly to contain and manage all the data, topics, models, services and people related to a single activity. You can use them to:

  • Contain a single project, which might be one web application or one game, or it could be an account for one customer’s product.
  • Create multiple projects, one per workspace, each with discreet human and compute resources.
  • Isolate a group of internal or external people working on a single project, perhaps a secret project or one with sensitive data.
  • Contain specific datasets, models and services that you with to share with third parties whilst maintaining access control.

Workspaces deploy in a few seconds at which point they are immediately ready to create topics, ingest and store data, build a deploy models and services, and consume queries and live streams into your apps.

Note, platform users currently have unlimited access to all workspaces, data, models, services, certificates, SDK’s and API’s. We’re working on workspace user management.


Workspace Home

The workspace homepage provides an overview of the workspace with tiles containing useful information including common tasks, recent activity and a topic overview.

Workspace Menu

Each workspace has been broken down into separate areas to group common tasks across the data journey (ingest, processing, output). The areas we have defined are:

  • Workspace Home
  • Topics
  • Data
  • Visualise
  • Develop
  • Deployment
  • Connect

Discreet Resources

Each workspace is a complete platform in it’s own right. Creating a new workspace automatically creates discreet resources for hosting topics, compute and data storage in a unique and secure environment.


We’ve combined the best streaming and analytics components and developed orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes to ensure that all resources in all workspaces can scale from nothing all the way-up to unlimited data sources, messages, services, models and apps.


Each workspace is secured with unique certificates, and access is controlled with Auth0 authentication and authorisation. All data and resources in each workspace are secured with SSL data encryption and SASL ACL authorisation and authentication.

Working with Workspaces

One per project

Workspaces are a sandbox for information. Create one to contain data, models and code for a specific project or customer when you want access to that information to be controlled and protected.

A billable resource

Workspaces consume 100 millicores of CPU and 350Mb RAM of billable compute resources per month, so only create workspaces when you have to.


Create a workspace

On the platform home; click the ‘New Workspace’ tile or ‘Create New Workspace’ button; define a unique name and click 'Create'.

The new workspace tile will be added to the platform and the workspace status will change to 'Ready' after 30 seconds or so.

You can then open the new workspace or go straight to some of the commonly used pages.

Delete a workspace

On the platform home; click the ‘Delete’ button for the workspace you wish to delete; confirm your action; and wait a few moments whilst the workspace is deleted.

Important Note: everything (all topics, data, models and code etc) contained inside a workspace will be PERMANENTLY DELETED with this operation - take care!

Move around a workspace by clicking the menu headers.

The workspace home is accessible from any location by clicking on the workspace name.