We will offer pre-canned packages of credit and customer support to help organisations of various sizes develop streaming applications whilst controlling their costs.

To start, we have created a Free Forever tier to help developers get started quickly.

Free Forever Tier

As developers ourselves, we hate being asked for credit cards before using a service. So we’ve provided a tier with 200 credits per month, free, forever.

You can spend these credits on any Quix resources. Our infrastructure and SDK is incredibly performant, so it should be enough credit to build and run a side project or prototype app permanently.

See what you can build with 200 credits here.

Premium Tiers

We’ll soon be launching a range of affordable subscriptions to help developers scale their applications, or transition to mission critical scenarios in production environments.

Students, NGO’s and Startups

Get in touch, we can increase your free resources or add heavily discounted credit to your account to keep you moving.


You can purchase additional credits for your account manually. $1 buys 10 credits, they go quite far, and they don’t expire. Just get in touch to activate PAYG.