You will receive credits with your subscription. These can be spent to stream, process and store data.

The base rate for 1 credit is $0.10.

Details of your consumption (per account and per resource) will be available on your billing page. This is a live view, so will be precise when viewed and always up to date.

At the end of each month you will receive a summary invoice for your account.

Tier Credits

Subscriptions will be based on a monthly billing cycle with a fixed allotment of Tier Credits that expire at the end of each month, like the data plan on your cell phone. At the start of the new month your account will be credited with your full credit allocation again.

Purchased Credits

Unlike Tier Credits, Purchased Credits do not expire each month, they roll-over to the next period so you can keep going.

Running out of credits?

We’ll send you an email if we predict you’ll run out of credits in the period. Please respond to the email and let us know what you’re working on, we’d love to hear your feedback and can manually add purchased credits to your account to keep it running.

Out of credits?

If you do nothing and you run out then we’ll keep your data and projects safe but pause your deployments, topics and catalogue until the month renews, at which point you can restart your models and services manually.