Quix is a next-generation web-based interface for working with complex data.

Quix enables you to build products which collect, analyse and respond to data in milliseconds.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for this technology include:


  • Building cross platform multiplay games.
  • Analysing system and game performance.
  • Customising adversary AI based on the ability of each player. 

Smart Factory

  • Monitoring machine condition and deciding on maintenance schedules.
  • In-process quality inspection & taking corrective action. 
  • Optimising the movement of people and parts through a factory.

Connected Cars

  • Condition monitoring of sytems like engines and batteries.
  • Advanced safety systems warning drivers to common issues on the road like ice patches.
  • Management of fleet performance.


  • Personalised recommendations
  • Personalised offers 
  • Surge pricing


  • Analysing user journeys to detect and improve bad exeriences whilst the user is still on the site.
  • Building customised navigation based on the current users behaviour.
  • Customising content for each visitor using dynamic tiles.
  • Engineering bias out of reviews.


  • Customising content for each user
  • Helping editors curate high-performaing content
  • Recommendation systems


  • Scraping data from many sources to inform investment strategies
  • Building models to represent those investment strategies
  • Automatically responding to market movements with notifications to aid responsive decision making.


  • Building smart health wearable products
  • Analysing patient session data to support clinicians
  • Remote GP products and services