Code Samples

The Quix Portal includes a Library of templates and sample projects you can use to start working with the platform. We also make the following sample projects available via our GitHub account.


Stream vehicle data from a CSV

Writes vehicle telemetry data into the Quix platform. Includes an input CSV file containing data collected from a virtual F1 car in Codemasters’ 2019 racing game. This data was acquired using our F1® Bridge project.

Example model

A simple in-memory model that will continuously process live data. The model contains a function to identify when the pressure applied to the brake system exceeds 50% max.

Car data dashboard

A dashboard that will continuously display live data processed in Quix. The frontend is a simple website, available on a public URL, that is built using the Python libraries Plotly and Dash.

Real-time dashboard using Flask

This example shows how to create a client-side dashboard using the Python Flask framework. It streams data from Quix and makes live updates to the dashboard. The application is deployed to the public domain using Quix.

Coin API bridge

A simple bridge to send exchange rates from CoinAPI to the Quix platform.

Twilio alerting

Send data-dependent notifications using the Twilio and Quix platform. In this example, we send a text message to the sender list when the BTC rate against GBP crosses the specified threshold. Uses the Coin API bridge project.

Twitter Connector

A Quix model can be used to bridge data from almost any source. Here, we use a Twitter developer account to stream Tweet data with a view to running real time ML models on the feed later on.

Strava Bridge

Strava is a popular social-fitness network that enables its users to track and share their exercise activities. You can stream your fitness data from Strava to Quix seamlessly as the data is synced from your fitness devices to Strava.


Microsoft Azure IoT Hub bridge

Connect to Azure IoT hub and bridge data into Kafka using Quix SDK.

F1® Bridge

How to obtain, stream and visualise your F1® 2019 game from a PC or gaming console with Quix.