Get Started

If you’re new to Quix, these resources are the best place to get you up and running quickly.

The first data platform architected natively around a message broker rather than a database.

Follow this tutorial to start quickly by streaming data from a CSV file.

Learn Quix on your own terms by reading and running some simple projects we’ve created for you.

Core resources

Take a look under the hood of Quix and get to know our SDK and APIs.

Work with live data in-memory using Python or C#.

Work with this API to stream data to Quix Kafka Topics via HTTP.

Received live data in your application pushed from Quix Kafka Topics.

Build your project

These resources point you straight to the heart of your application.

All the core concepts of Quix, including how-to’s and definitions.

Guides to help you stream data from your source to a Quix topic.

Guides to help you train a machine learning model with a job using historic data from the catalogue.

Guides to help you process live data in-memory using a service. Useful for functions & ML models.

The core concepts of making the catalogue work for you.

Guides to help you build data-driven apps and integrate Quix to external systems.

Learn from the community

Quix is flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases in any industry. See how other developers solve problems with the following resources.

An open forum for sharing ideas, solutions and advice with like-minded developers of data-driven applications.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information on our blog.

Our repo of open-source code samples to help developers go faster.