How to create a workspace

Before you begin

  • You must have an account on the Quix portal that you can log into.


  1. Go to the platform home.

  2. Click the ‘NEW WORKSPACE’ tile or the CREATE NEW WORKSPACE button

create workspace
  1. Choose a unique name and click CREATE.

A workspace name should contain alphanumeric characters only; you’ll see an error if the name you pick is invalid.
  1. The new workspace tile will be added to the platform and the workspace status will change to ‘Ready’ after a couple of minutes.

  2. You can then OPEN the new workspace or go straight to some of the commonly used pages.

Once a workspace is created, Quix will set up custom subdomains for access to APIs. Bear in mind that new DNS settings will take time to propagate, and for these endpoints to be available as a result.