How to tag a Deployment


With this guide, you’ll learn how to tag a Deployment using the Quix Portal. Quix uses Git tags to help you manage the version of each project deployment.

When your code is ready to deploy, simply tag a commit with git-tag. You can do that in your favorite Git client or in the Quix portal.

Before you begin

  • You’ll need to have created a Project to deploy.

Tagging in the portal

Go to your project page by selecting it from the Project view:


Then, in the list of commits on the right-hand side, select the one you want to deploy, and open the actions menu alongside it.

commit actions menu

Use the Create tag action to tag it with version text (for example V0.1):

new tag dialog

The tag will appear alongside that commit in the project’s commit list:

commit list tag
You can deploy a specific tagged commit by selecting a Version Tag when you Create a Deployment.