About Quix

The Team

Quix was founded by a group of McLaren data engineers who are bringing our experience of working with huge capacity & low latency real-time data systems to build a data streaming and analytics platform-as-a-service.

We're now funded and joined by a group of amazing designers and engineers working tirelessly to bring the vision to life.

Why we’re working on Quix

F1 teams analyse ten's of thousands of parameters, sampled at multi-kilohertz frequencies, using simulation and modelling techniques to monitor vehicle and driver condition, respond to on-track and environmental events, and make strategic decisions in a split second - it's an arms race where investment dollars are directly correlated to podium position.

Just like in F1, data is key to business success.

The world’s leading businesses have realised three key points about the value of their data:

The world’s most innovative businesses already know it; they have gained a competitive advantage by investing millions of dollars in low latency, high bandwidth machine learning platforms (Amazon, Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb) to understand their customers, design engaging experiences, and process their data quickly.

The investment is not just in cash, but also people and time. These companies recruit huge teams of data engineers, software engineers, DevOps engineers and data scientists; and they work for years to tie together various commercial components, with open source technologies and in-house projects to create their own ML platform solution.

We know how hard it is to build and maintain these systems; we’ve built them for the most demanding low-latency, high-bandwidth, high-stakes data environment on earth; so we decided to build Quix to bring these technologies to smaller companies via a simple, powerful and accessible platform.

We also know where the value lies: focus.

Data-driven businesses; just like F1 teams; focus on understanding the business context of their data. They solve problems for their customers by developing data-driven products and services which respond to the changing dynamics of their market environment.

Data scientists; data analysts; mechanical and electronic engineers; quants; scientists; ‘data creatives’ as we call them; you can recruit amazing people to do incredible work, but only if they are empowered to develop, test and deploy their solutions to production.

The reality is that most machine learning and AI projects fail due to inadequate infrastructure and process.

We launched Quix to help more companies succeed with time-sensitive data analysis and machine learning projects. We are building an infrastructure platform that combines performance and process rigour with a simple user experience so businesses and data creatives can focus on their market, understanding their customers, solving their problems, and writing their value-added code.

Quix: stream analytics for the masses.

Our Philosophy

We build infrastructure so you don't have to

We solve the complexities of building and maintaining data streaming and machine learning infrastructure so you can focus on your customers, your products, your models, and your features.

We offer an amazing developer experience

We focus on making the experience super smooth and simple for development teams, so you can focus on developing value added product and model code.

We only succeed if our customers succeed

There are free and low-cost developer tiers, so you can reduce your initial costs and only pay when your product grows.